The University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest has a history of more than 160 years and is the direct heir of Romania’s first higher education institution specialized in agronomic education. Throughout its existence it has assumed the mission of permanently enhancing the academic and research potential of its study programmes so that it would effectively contribute to the thorough formation of future experts in the fundamental fields of Engineering Sciences and Biological Sciences. The university itself treasures not only excellence, but also prestige and in this respect it has established numerous partnership collaborations with education and research entities from all over the world.

This university offers the following study cycles

  • Bachelor degree
  • Master degree
  • PhD

Bachelor degree

Field: Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is part of Bucharest’s University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and it was founded in 1861 at the initiative of Dr. Carol Davila. At the moment of its establishment, the faculty itself was the first higher education institution specialized in a field of such in the Balkan area and the second one in Europe. It has a long tradition in promoting excellence and prestige and throughout the years it has became one of Romania’s top educational entities. It was Romania’s first specialist faculty which made in on the List of faculties evaluated and approved by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE). Choose to study Veterinary Medicine in English in Bucharest’s leading education institution in this specific field and you will find that its main preoccupation is that of continuously investing in the thorough preparation of future experts and researchers.

Program of study(specialization):
Veterinary Medicine
Language of study:
No of available places EU:
No of available places NON-EU:
Years of study:
Deadline for application:
15 July
Processing & pre-evaluation fee (paid to HEdu Guide):
49 euro
Admission & enrolment fee (paid directly to the university):
Annual tuition fee (EU citizen):
Annual tuition fee (non-EU citizen):
Obtained Degree at graduation:
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