Terms and conditions


• "Website / Domain" refers to the heduguide.ro domain or to its subdomains

• "Customer" means the natural person, Romanian or foreign citizen, who uses the services offered by the Service Provider by filling in the application form on the website • "University" refers to all medical schools in Romania, listed and presented on the https://heduguide.ro website
• "Provider" refers to heduguide.ro
• "Services". The services offered by the provider are:

1. Support in the preparation and review of the university application file, in accordance with the specific requirements of each university;
2. Review, assistance and support for the translation and legalization of the documents submitted. HEDUGUIDE ensures the preparation of the university application file under the Romanian law established by the Ministry of Education, including obtaining certified translations, notary legalized documents, the Hague Apostille and authentication / legalization of documents;
3. Submitting the admission files to universities and liaising with them for the duration of admission; 4. Tracking the deadlines according the offers of the universities.


1. All content, including but not limited to static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content on the website are the intellectual property of heduguide.ro or of third parties, in which case the content might be followed by the original property title and/or any other note requested by the rightful owner of that content for which heduguide.ro has the usage and/or publication license.
2. The customer is not permitted to copy, transfer, modify and/or otherwise alter, use, link to, expose, include any content in any other context than the one originally intended for heduguide.ro, including any content outside the website, removing the markings which signify heduguide copyright over the content, not to take part in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the content unless with the express consent of heduguide.


1. Heduguide publishes on the website complete and accurate data for its identification and contact by the Customer.

2. By using our contact form or addresses / phone numbers on the website, the Customer may contact HEDUGUIDE, yet at the same time it allows HEDUGUIDE to contact him/her by any available means including electronic means. 3. The partial or total completion of the contact form and submitting it does not represent in any way a commitment by HEDUGUIDE to contact the Customer.

4. Accessing the website, using the information presented in the website, visiting the pages or sending e-mails or notifications addressed to HEDUGUIDE shall be done electronically, by telephone or by any other means of communication available to the Customer and HEDUGUIDE, considering that by doing he/she agrees to receive notifications from HEDUGUIDE in electronic form and/or by telephone, including communications through e-mail or website announcements. 5. HEDUGUIDE reserves the right not to reply to all requests of any kind received by any means of communication (electronically, by telephone, etc.).


1. The customer is obliged to consult the website, the Explanatory Handbook and these conditions before completion and submission of the application form. The customer shall acknowledge the procedure for admission to each university by consulting the website and the links displayed on the website, which lead the customer directly to the universities' websites, along with the admission deadline, the minimum requirements for admission to each university and all the documents necessary for preparing the file. The customer may request additional information from HEDUGUIDE by email, if needed.
2. The customer is required to fill in the application form correctly, along with all the documents required, at least one week before the start of university enrollment for each academic year. Otherwise, the provider does not warrant the preparation and submission of the application file by the deadline provided for university enrollment.
3. The customer is obliged to go correctly and exactly through the steps provided in the Explanatory Handbook available on website, otherwise the provider is relieved of any liability.
4. On his/her own liability, the customer shall fill in correctly and completely the application form on the website and to send only legally obtained documents that fully certified true copies of the original documents, under the sanctions provided for by the criminal code in force.
5. The customer must meet the minimum requirements (such as, but not limited to, average grades, etc.) of each university.
6. The customer is obliged to submit to the Provider only the documents complying with the minimum admission requirements published by each university.
7. If the application form is not filled in properly and in full, or the documents are false or do not comply with the minimum admission requirements published by each university, the contract shall be terminated by operation of law, the provider shall not be held liable for any damage (the customer file will not be submitted to the university) and the amount paid by the customer shall not be returned.
8. In the final stage of admission, the customer must come in person at the university and shall be obliged to submit all documents sent and submitted to the university by the Provider IN ORIGINAL.
9. The file submitted by the Provider and the original documents to be submitted by the customer must fully comply and be identical, otherwise the provider shall be exempted of any liability, and the Customer may be required compensation by the Provider by way of damages for deterioration of the Provider's image, loss of trust and of the opportunities of collaboration with educational institutions, etc.


1. HEDUGUIDE provides the customer all information necessary for using the services offered on the website.
2. The provider does not guarantee admission to the university.
3. HEDUGUIDE cooperates with all the medical universities in Romania, being recognized by the universities and the manner of submitting the file application being agreed by the universities.
4. HEDUGUIDE ensures preparation of the file in accordance with the Romanian law established by the Ministry of Education, including obtaining certified translations, notary legalizations, the Hague Apostille and authentication / legalization of documents.
5. The provider shall prepare the customer file on the basis of the documents submitted by him/her, and if the documents satisfy the minimum requirements prescribed by the universities, shall submit the customer file to the appropriate university within the due dates in this respect.
6. After submitting the file to the university, the Provider no longer has any obligation to the customer.


1. Access to the service is allowed to any customer who owns or creates an account.
2. To be allowed access to the service, the customer will have to agree to the provisions of this document.
3. HEDUGUIDE may restrict customer access to the service, depending on his/her prior behavior.
4. It is prohibited to share an account between several customers.
5. In case accesses of this kind are found, HEDUGUIDE reserves the right to cancel or suspend the customer's access to the content or service.
6. HEDUGUIDE reserves the right to limit the access to purchasing services on website at a given time where the number of applications is too high, in which case filling in the application form will no longer be possible for any customer.
7. HEDUGUIDE has 30 days to update all information on the website in accordance with the amendments issued by the competent institutions.


1. All the fees for the services provided on the website include VAT.
2. The payment for the services purchased is made according to the price on our website. The issue of invoices will be made exclusively in electronic form.
3. The services shall be fully paid by bank transfer on completion of the application form (prior to checkout), the invoice to be sent electronically to the customer's e-mail.
4. All prices for services are listed in the application form.
5. The purchase price is the one listed at the time of issuing the order.
6. HEDUGUIDE reserves the right to modify the price of services at any given time.
Delivery of Services: all services will be delivered after payment is confirmed, online via HEduGuide platform in each customers account documents section/uploaded by HEduGuide or on paper by DHL to the address indicated by the customer.


- The provider warrants that it shall meet its obligations undertaken herein, in these general conditions;
- The provider shall not be held liable for moral damages;
- The provider shall not be held liable for indirect material damages caused intentionally or negligently to the customer;
- The provider shall not be held liable for the accuracy of the data provided by the customer or for the accuracy or veracity of any documents submitted by the customer to the provider;
- The provider shall not be held liable for non-compliance to the admission deadlines should they be caused by fault of the customer;
- If the file is not prepared accurately and completely by exclusive fault of the provider, the customer is entitled to full reimbursement of the sum paid by the Provider;
- The provider does not guarantee admission to university;
- The provider shall be exempted of any liability if the customer does not comply with these conditions, the Explanatory Handbook, the minimum requirements for admission or if the customer does not send the correct and complete documents and information necessary, circumstances in which the amount paid by way of consideration for the services provided shall not be returned.


- The customer is exclusively and fully liable for all data and documents provided to the provider, warranting that all information is accurate and complete, that all documents submitted to the provider were legally obtained and are certified true copies of the original documents under the sanctions provided for by the criminal law;
- The customer is liable for all direct or indirect material or moral damages caused to the provider;
- The customer is fully liable for any event of failure to meet the Contract provisions.


The CUSTOMER has the right to waive the services ordered at any time, but the provider shall withheld in full the amount paid if it already started providing the services and preparing the file.


Should any provision of this Contract be determined as non-compliant to the law and/or certain mandatory legal provisions, to the public order or morality, all other provisions of the Contract shall remain valid and shall continue to apply, and the void clauses shall be replaced by law with applicable legal provisions.


1. Force majeure exonerates from any liability the party invoking it.
2. Force majeure means any external, unforeseeable, absolutely invincible and unavoidable event occurring to either of the Contracting Parties and which prevents them from performing their obligations.
3. The party invoking force majeure must notify the other party in writing within a maximum of 72 hours (three days) after occurrence of the event, and its confirmation by a document issued by the competent authorities shall be conveyed within a maximum of 5 calendar days from the occurrence of the event.
4. In case of extension of the force majeure event, the Parties may jointly agree to continue the contractual relationship or not, but without claiming and/or applying damages. The obligations due up to the occurrence of the force majeure event shall be met by the Parties.


The provider reserves the right to unilaterally change the provisions of this Contract in accordance with the Romanian law in force at the given time.


1. In accordance with the provisions of the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (GDPR), the personal data provided by the Customer will be processed by the Provider for the execution of the Contract, for activation, invoicing, customer relations, recovery of the amounts owed by the Customer, to verify extent of using the Services, etc. Also, the provider is entitled to transfer customer data to the partners of the Provider if this is connected with or necessary for the performance of the Contract, as well as to public authorities / institutions authorized in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, at the request of the latter, to notaries public, education institutions, translators, etc. Notwithstanding the obligation set out in this clause, the Provider shall have the right to disclose customer data to employees, partners, agents solely for the execution the contract, the Provider ensuring that these persons comply with the obligation of confidentiality and security of Customer Data.
2. If the Customer makes a request for Services via the website https://heduguide.ro, the customer agrees to provide all information and personal data necessary for the performance of the Contract. In this respect, the Customer acknowledges and accepts that for the proper execution of the Contract the information provided by the Customer shall at all times be complete, accurate and up-to-date.


16.1. For any complaint, including the invoices issued, the Customer shall address the Provider's Complaints Department by e-mail or by telephone at ____________ _______________ within a maximum of 5 days from the date of occurrence of the reason for which the complaint is submitted.
By agreeing to the foregoing, the Customer declares he/she fully and unconditionally agrees to the terms and conditions of use for the services provided by HEDUGUIDE.ro.


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