The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine is situated in the Eastern part of Romania, in the beautiful city of Iasi. Here the first lectures on agriculture education were held by Romania’s pioneer agronomist, Ion Ionescu de la Brad, in between the years 1842-1848. The university itself has a long tradition in offering study programmes related to the field of agriculture and ever since its beginnings it has prioritized the ongoing actualization of curricula and study facilities so as they would be in accordance with the dynamic exigencies of technological and scientific developments.

This university offers the following study cycles

  • Bachelor degree
  • Master degree
  • PhD
  • DPPD (Teacher Training Department TTD)

Bachelor degree

Field: Veterinary Medicine

As part of Iasi’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine traces its origins at least one century ago, when the first variations of veterinary higher education took shape in Romania’s North Eastern region. The faculty was formally established in 1961 and has been functioning as a structure within the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine ever since 1990. Today, the faculty treasures the principles of modern veterinary medicine and promotes a learning environment of high quality. Choose Veterinary Medicine in English in Romania’s city of Iasi and you will encounter a higher education institution with great fondness of academic excellence, with vast research logistics and innovation potential, with numerous well equipped and modern facilities, all of which contribute to the thorough formation of future experts.

Program of study(specialization):
Veterinary Medicine
Language of study:
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Years of study:
Deadline for application:
15 July
Processing & pre-evaluation fee (paid to HEdu Guide):
49 euro
Admission & enrolment fee (paid directly to the university):
Annual tuition fee (EU citizen):
Annual tuition fee (non-EU citizen):
Obtained Degree at graduation:
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