We believe that

University Admission
should be easier

A simple and transparent admission process will maximize the student’s chances of being accepted

When you apply
on your own

Applying to a university is like going through a complicated maze, with no feedback and not knowing if you’d ever come out alive

Admission application

Going through the bureaucratic maze of applying online to several universities, on different platforms, following complicated procedures and paying heavy fees

Offline registration

If you pass the eligibility process, next you will have the offline file submission (by post or in person), followed by language assessment, entrance exam, etc.

Admission results

After waiting up to 9 months, you might get rejected and lose your admission chances for that academic year

University enrollment

Besides submitting other documents required to the university, it's time for obtaining the visa and registering with the immigration office (you might need to travel to Romania)

When you apply
through HEdu Guide

We are here to help you at every stage of your journey and to maximize your chances of getting admitted to the university of your choice

All Your Options at Hand

Create a free account and see all the available study programs, the number of places and the fees

Educational Consultancy

We provide consultancy and we offer customized advice based on the available and suitable options according to your education background

Document review

We’ll make sure that your documents meet all the eligibility criteria, so you don’t have to stress out

Maximize your admission results

Your admission file gets a high score, therefore maximizing your chances of being accepted. Yes, we also help with your relocation.

Your eligibility (optional)

If you’re a NON-EU graduate,
we’ll help you clarify your eligibility
before applying to universities

hedu guide admission higher education

Create your account and apply to study abroad as easy as 1-2-3

Our All-in-One Platform helps you overcome the admission hassle (with integrated support from real people to maximize your admission chances)

Integrated support

Integrated support

Get your questions answered by our support team

Document feedback

Document feedback

Your documents are reviewed to meet the university’s standards

We’ve partnered with the best universities in Romania

To offer you a seamless admission process

FAQs - What you need to know

Here is the list with most frequent questions

Part of our "Less Waiting, More Control" strategy is the integrated live chat we provide to all users who create an account, thus ensuring that our applicants get the most out of their application process.

Our consultants discuss and offer feedback and guidance to the applicants regarding their documents, the steps to follow, additional information required, and much more. We can help by giving you the opportunity of having a seamless process to reach your desired study abroad destination

In order to give you the experience of a smooth application process, the platform brings you the opportunity to browse all of the universities in one place. Once you have chosen your study destination, our platform is the place to apply to one or several universities in one shot. Get to study abroad in a few clicks.

Nowadays, online transactions are more popular and secure than ever before thanks to the technology we use. HEdu Guide protects your personal data and all payments are made in a 3-D Secure environment.

Once you are logged into your account and browse our platform you will have access to the list of the required documents and all the next steps. Further, our educational consultants will immediately check and let you know if something needs to be changed or added.

Certified translations are legal records. This is why authorities and legal bodies always require the submission of certified translations. If your documents need translating, we will cover this aspect. We also provide translation/interpreting services at affordable rates.


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