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Medical Universities in Romania

All the medical universities listed on our website are in the top Medical Universities in Europe also being some of the oldest and most prestigious institutions, at graduation a Bachelor(BA) + Master(MA) internationally recognized diploma will be awarded. The programmes are available in English, French and Hungarian.

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On our platform you can find all the state universities in Romania that offer study programs in foreign languages such as English , French , Hungarian or German . All of the programs listed and degrees obtained at graduation are internationally recognized.

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We cover all aspects of studying abroad, we offer a support program through the application process, including translations, notary public authentication and take over all the formalities you normally would have to deal with on your own.

We have over 9 years of experience in the Higher Education Market and assisted hundreds of students from European Union and Non-European countries to get accepted to study in Romania.

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Romania is a European Union Member State having the capital in Bucharest. It is a truly great place for sightseeing, business as well as education. It is home to the largest area of virgin forests, the Danube Delta which is an UNESCO world natural heritage site and also a lot of other unique natural wonders. Romania has nurtured important personalities that revolutionized their fields of science through outstanding discoveries such as insulin, the modern jet engine and even cybernetics.

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